Real Estate Specialties

Real Estate is MORE than selling houses

Real estate is one of the new careers in which you can be your own boss and which requires a relatively small financial investment. The opportunities for starting your own business are good, or you can affiliate with someone else without sacrificing your independence.

You can set your own pace, and your time can be used as productively as ability and ambition allow. Your income directly reflects your efforts. there’s no limit on what astute, hard-working men and women can earn.

The real estate profession is more than just buying and selling single-family homes. It has expanded into many different areas and today offers you one of the widest career selections in the free enterprise system. In addition, it can help you become prominent in your community and extend your opportunities beyond the city limits.


Residential Brokerage

  • Largest single field of real estate activity
  • Good opportunities for rapid advancement and increasing income
  • Requires broad knowledge of community and neighborhoods, economics, real estate law, finance and the money market.

Commercial Brokerage

  • Specializing in income-producing properties (for example: apartment and office buildings, retail stores, warehouses).

Industrial Brokerage

  • Developing, selling or leasing properties for industry or manufacturing

Farm and Land Brokerage

  • Not necessarily limited to farmland. Cities often require rural land for expansion; farm management for absentee owners also a possibility.
  • On-the-job training a must; formal agricultural training an advantage.

Real Estate Appraising

  • Gathering and evaluating all facts affecting property’s value and rendering an opinion of that value.
  • Many different types-assessed value; insured value; loan value; market value.
  • Some appraising knowledge required for any real estate work.

Property Management

  • Supervising every aspect of the property’s operation to produce the highest possible financial return over the longest period of time.
  • Includes renting, tenant relations, building maintenance and repair, supervising personnel and tradesmen, accounting and advertising.

Land Development

  • Turning raw land into marketable, profitable subdivisions, shopping centers, industrial parts, etc.
  • Includes selecting sites, analyzing costs, securing financing, contracting for physical buildings, supervision construction and promoting finished development to prospects.

Urban Planning

  • Anticipating city’s future growth, and proposing productive, economical ways of using land and water resources to accommodate this growth.

Real Estate Securities and Syndication

  • Developing and offering limited partnership in real estate for investment purposes.
  • Generates capital for expanding the real estate industry
  • Gives individual the opportunity to invest in large properties without becoming involved in management or exposed to unlimited liability.

Real Estate Counseling

  • Giving advice about property, frequently on productive uses for different kinds, or income opportunities.

Real Estate Research

  • Providing precise information on land use urban environmental patterns and market trends.
  • Physical - finding ways to improve buildings.
  • Economic - compiling data for future planning-probable demand for new homes, percentage of substandard housing, changes in financing and interest rates, effects of urban planning programs, etc.

Licensing Requirements

To enter the diversified field of real estate, it is necessary that you obtain a Florida Real Estate License. For more information on obtaining a Florida real estate license, click here.

Selecting Your Affiliation

Before you can take the Florida real estate salesmen’s licensing examination, it will be necessary for you to be sponsored by a real estate broker with whom you plan to affiliate. In selecting your broker affiliate, choose a real estate firm that is highly respected. This will give you the opportunity to learn from established men and women and gain good practical experience. You may later want to specialize in a particular field.

But no matter what specialty you ultimately choose, there’s a future for you in real estate – if you want it!

Professional Advancement

The Daytona Beach Area Association of REALTORS® is interested in your career development. Our professional association provides many opportunities for continuing education. Members can attend a variety of educational programs structured to update their knowledge of real estate and enhance the service they provide the public. In addition, there are many courses offered by the affiliates of the National Association of REALTORS® which offer advanced education and professional certification in their specialty.