Joining the Daytona Beach Area Association of REALTORS®
  1 What Type of Membership Do You Need®
    You may join the Daytona Beach Area Association of REALTORS® in one of the following classes of membership:
REALTOR® Member - Primary or Secondary   ►MLS-Only Participant
►Designated Broker - Primary or Secondary   ►MLS-Only Subscriber
►Business Partner (Affiliate Member)   ►Non-Member MLS Only (Thompson Broker) What is this?
Get a more detailed explanation of these classes of membership
  2 Download the Appropriate Application and Forms
Applications made in person are generally processed faster than applications made by mail.
    REALTOR® Member (Primary or Secondary) Designated Broker (Primary or Secondary)
    MLS-Only Subscriber (REALTOR®) MLS-Only Participant (Designated Broker)
    Business Partner (Affiliate) Member Non-Member MLS Only (Thompson Broker)
    Business Partner (Affiliate) Membership Application
Business Partner Benefits

Thompson MLS Participant Application
Thompson MLS Agent Subscriber Application

DBAAR Policies Regarding Thompson Brokers
    MLS Rules & Regulations
MLS Administrative Application
MLS Fine Schedule
  3 Review the Fees
REALTOR® Member Fee Calculator Secondary REALTOR® Fee Calculator
Designated Broker Fee Calculator Secondary Designated REALTOR® Fee Calculator
MLS Only Broker Fees Thompson MLS Participant Fee Calculator
MLS Only Subscriber Fees Thompson Subscriber Fee Calculator
Business Partner Dues Calculator MLS Fees
  4 Complete the Paperwork and Schedule Your Orientation/MLS Class
    REALTOR® Awareness Schedule MLS Class Schedule