Joining the Daytona Beach Area Association of REALTORS®
  1 What Type of Membership Do You Need®
    You may join the Daytona Beach Area Association of REALTORS® in one of the following classes of membership:
REALTOR® Member - Primary or Secondary   ►MLS-Only Participant
►Designated Broker - Primary or Secondary   ►MLS-Only Subscriber
►Business Partner (Affiliate Member)   ►Non-Member MLS Only (Thompson Broker) What is this?
Get a more detailed explanation of these classes of membership
  2 Download the Appropriate Application and Forms
Applications made in person are generally processed faster than applications made by mail.
    REALTOR® Member (Primary or Secondary) Designated Broker (Primary or Secondary)
    MLS-Only Subscriber (REALTOR®) MLS-Only Participant (Designated Broker)
    Business Partner (Affiliate) Member Non-Member MLS Only (Thompson Broker)
    Business Partner (Affiliate) Membership Application
Business Partner Benefits

Thompson MLS Participant Application
Thompson MLS Agent Subscriber Application

DBAAR Policies Regarding Thompson Brokers
    MLS Only Internet Member Services Form
Members Internet Member Services Form
MLS Rules & Regulations
MLS Administrative Application
MLS Fine Schedule
  3 Review the Fees
REALTOR® Member Fee Calculator Secondary REALTOR® Fee Calculator
Designated Broker Fee Calculator Secondary Designated REALTOR® Fee Calculator
MLS Only Broker Fees Thompson MLS Participant Fee Calculator
MLS Only Subscriber Fees Thompson Subscriber Fee Calculator
Business Partner Dues Calculator MLS Fees
  4 Complete the Paperwork and Schedule Your Orientation/MLS Class
    REALTOR® Awareness Schedule MLS Class Schedule